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=Website summary=

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Welcome to LoLBase, I am glad you have found the information panel and decided to read it.

When you have a League of Legends account you have probably played a couple of games at least.

When a game ends the League of Legends database retrieves a lot of statistics from your account.

These will then get saved and you can retrieve them at any time.

Some websites have a long route to finding these statistics but this website does not.

It has to be really simple.

If they are registered on the website they can track themselves for an easy and fast re-search without having to type!

This website has been made by Leroy.

Student of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam in the second year.

=Searching and results=

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When you open this website you will be greeted by a humongous white searchbar.

This searchbar requires your League of Legends username in order to get the statistics from your account.

When you have typed in your name, for example "Moody Good", you can then press the search icon or just simply press the enter key.

The website will then retrieve the data from the League of Legends API.

This might take a while depending on your internet speed.

The minimum time is one second since the League of Legends API only allows one call per second.

=Registering and logging in=

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Registering and logging in is a smart thing to do.

This has good benefits for those that want to quickly navigate and do their thing.

Registering is very simple.

Tap the menu button and then tap the register button.

This will direct you to a form that has to be filled in correctly.

If there is a flaw, the system will notice it and notify you of what you have done wrong.

Logging in is simple as well.

Tap the menu button and tap the log in button.

Fill in your username, most likely your E-mail adress and proceed to press log in.

There you go! You've succesfully logged into the website.

Don't worry, everything is safe and sound and nothing will be given to third parties.

=The favorite system=

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The favorite system is very useful to those that want to quickly navigate.

While you're logged in you can just simply tap the menu button and your favorites shall appear.

These are clickable boxes that when clicked on will start the search for that specific account.

To add a favorite you just search someone up and there will be a plus sign at the top of the screen.

This plus sign is clickable and if clicked it will add this favorite to the database.

When the plus sign has been clicked it will change into a minus sign.

This basically forms a removal button so that when you no longer like your favorite you can remove them.

When this has been done it automatically changes back to the plus sign and visa versa.

Ofcourse you cannot have unlimited favorites since this takes up a lot of space.

The favorites are limited to 5(five) users.

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